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The Story

The American economy is changing rapidly today. Many people are facing serious challenges that they have never had to contend with before. Regardless of how savvy you are, you can always do more to protect your assets, improve your understanding, and optimize your resources by increasing your Financial IQ.  Most people are not adequately prepared to handle the challenges that they are being confronted with during these unprecedented times. The goal of this training is to enhance the thinking, tactics, and tools required to not only survive but thrive in any economy.

The Problem

We are all busier than ever. Families are encountering new stresses and need more support than ever. Traditional ways of training, mentoring, and counseling may not be applicable now. We are all looking for innovative techniques and new solutions and we don't have time for theories or long, complex strategies. How do we get the help we need in the quickest time period, with validated information from sources that we trust?

The Solution

Trusted sponsors partner with us to provide you with a live, interactive, online class that is informative, fun, and adaptable to your current situation and life. Get information that will improve your life and which you can apply right away. You and your family can attend this training in the comfort of your home, using easy-to-understand technology. The class provides a combination of innovative solutions, validated methods and ancient wisdom!

Practical solutions that can be put into practice right away!


The Master Money Maker Class will provide the thinking, tactics, and tools you need. Learn to make your money do what you need it to do, so you can live the way they want to live. You will learn to create an environment where your family can  begin to thrive, achieve the results you desire, and positively impact others. 

This class uses time-tested and validated financial literacy principles. It is delivered online in a live, interactive, entertaining way that will keep you engaged, learning, motivated, and inspired.

The class usually cost $149.95 per person or $174.95 per family. However, if you have a coupon code from one of our sponsors** you may be able to attend for FREE. However, you must register to attend.

**Note: Our Sponsors provide access to this class as a benefit to you. However, their sponsorship should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation of any product or service.

What Makes this Training So Different...

  • 1
    It allows each person/family build a strategy based on their own culture and goals
  • 2
    Access great information on marriage, relationship building, parenting success, and career / small business strategies.
  • 3
    • Adult children, extended and non-family members living in one household
    • People who want to transition between careers as an employee, gig, self-employed, business owner, to non-profit, or back again                                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Small business, part-time, and gig workers with inconsistent incomes
  • 4
    Offers some quick results that will serve as motivation for long-term success.

When you register - You will get:



Online Mentoring, Counseling, Advice, & Training designed to provide some immediate results.



Access to videos that explain complex topics in easy to understand ways. Our videos keep students engaged and motivated!



Online Software and Apps to validate understanding and provide information to take away after the training as reminders and notes..

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We have been learning, getting trained, studying, researching, and teaching financial literacy for over 20 years. We’ve made mistakes, been blessed, been through crises, successes, and failures. We have accumulated our knowledge, tips, discoveries, and secrets into a set of tools, content, resources, and classes.

f you are interested in learning more, beginning or continuing this Master Money Maker journey, join the group.

The Master Money Maker Training Class Details

Currently All Classes are Hosted Online


Class Topics

The class covers a variety of topics that are important for security, satisfaction and success. Each topic includes practical examples, contextual basis, and easy to implement applications. The online class is presented in an engaging, interactive way.


Ancient Wisdom

The class is based on Ancient Wisdom, Well-Established Truths, and Validated Financial Principles. Each topic is anchored in a core foundational concept that will resonate with most people. We will stay within the boundaries, guidelines, and mission of our sponsors. This class takes a balanced, wholistic approach to finances that will set the groundwork for life-long success.

Sponsor Rated

Class Sponsorship

Our classes are sponsored by organizations that you trust. Any discounts applied to your tuition are as a direct result of sponsors that are invested in your success. This training class is a rich quick proposition. We will share some useful strategies that will help you in the many phases of your life when implemented consistently over time. During the training class, we may promote various products, services, books, and webinars as subsequent and additional resources to the class, all of which our sponsors assume no role in endorsing. We will be very transparent when making any recommendations, especially if we profit from those recommendations in any way. Everyone involved in teaching The Master Money Maker Class seeks to provide the most accurate, well-conceived, and highly vetted information possible for the benefit of all attendees.


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