What You Learn In This Class May Literally Change Your Life!

The Master Money Maker Training Class Details

In this class, you will learn to gain POWER over money:

  • Protect Yourself and Your Family Financially
  • Optimize the Money You Make
  • Win with the Money You Manage
  • Enhance Your Financial Knowledge & Understanding
  • Retain & Grow Financially by making Wise Decisions

Class Topics

  • 1
    Managing Debt
  • 2
    Controlling Spending
  • 3
    Savings and Investment
  • 4
    Protecting Assets
  • 5
    Friends Family and Finances
  • 6
    Fiscal and Physical Health
  • 7
    Purpose and Work
  • 8
    Owning Your Future - Entrepreneurialism
  • 9
     Real Estate
  • 10
    Your Financial Legacy (Parenting, Caregiving, & Community)
  • 11
    Your True Harvest
  • 12
    Creating a Financial Roadmap

When you register - You will get:



Online Mentoring, Counseling, Advice, & Training designed to provide some immediate results.



Access to videos that explain complex topics in easy to understand ways. Our videos keep students engaged and motivated!



Online Software and Apps to validate understanding and provide information to take away after the training as reminders and notes..


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