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The Master Money Maker Training Class Details

To reduce the cost of the class we partner with sponsors:


We partner with great sponsors who care about people. Creating, managing, facilitating, and teaching a class like this is an investment in time, talent, and treasure for us. We understand that although people need help, they may not have the time or money to invest to get this vital, and valuable financial information. Our sponsors can supply you with a code to provide a discount for the class that you can use when you register.

Today our economy is changing rapidly. Many people face some serious challenges that they have never had to contend with. These problems includes inequality, unequal economic development, uneven application of justice, unemployment, underemployment, poverty, healthcare, education, food insecurity, and a global pandemic.  Traditional solutions were not developed to prepare people to deal with these complex problems.

Our sponsors help provide, facilitate, guide, and offset some or all of the cost of this class for many people. We believe this is an unique business model for providing training on finances as well as other topics related to money mastery. Our hope is that our students do not take this gift lightly. We want each student who participates to take full advantage of this relevant and beneficial information. In each class, we take the opportunity to recognize and thank the awesome sponsors who help make The Master Money Maker class possible.

Our Goal

To create Master Money Makers who are:

  • Positioned by an Ability to make wise Financial Decisions
  • Prepared and Poised to Execute Their Pre-determined Plan
  • Profitable with Expanding Increase and having Money with a Mission 

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When you register - You will get:



Online Mentoring, Counseling, Advice, & Training designed to provide some immediate results.



Access to videos that explain complex topics in easy to understand ways. Our videos keep students engaged and motivated!



Online Software and Apps to validate understanding and provide information to take away after the training as reminders and notes..


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 $49.95 per Person - Or enter a code to register at a discount!

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