Automate marketing and sales on the go

I’ve been Architecting Custom Software and marketing integrations for Fortune 500 Companies for over 30 years.  We can give you 100% guaranteed that you will save time and money? You can be the hero!

Save time and money while automating the marketing process from your mobile device to initiate your own growth hacking. We provide the Strategy, Tools, and Creative to increase engagement and conversions. Market, Manage, and Make more money!

bizGadgetz is a solution that allows great teams like yours to get affordable marketing that optimizes your unique values while spending less, doing more, and transforming pains and problems into productivity and profits.

You can NOT do anything!

Your Mom is great but as you have discovered she was wrong. You can’t do ANYTHING. But you CAN do anything you were born to do. You are unique and one of a kind. Anything (or anybody) that is one of a kind is priceless. You are priceless. If you are not getting paid like that it simply means you haven’t found your market. Who knew there was a market for a flat, limited, computer with no keyboard or stylus. Who conceived that you could make money from a free, one text input web page that searches through other people’s web pages. Who even imagined that we could be enticed into commenting on a picture of someone’s dinner plate. Go figure. …Priceless.


In order to get paid like you are priceless, you have to communicate what you do, engage your market and connect deeply to people who are interested. What is possible today was unthinkable years ago. Your Business can predictable, measurable results through Digital Marketing. All of those people were looking at their phones could be focusing on you or your business, we even have a validated strategy to reach the audience you are targeting, Find out how the powerful BizNetz  Digital Marketing Strategy can help you transform visitors into fans! Click below to find out how.


5 things you can do with Podio for $FREE

With a free Podio organization you can have up to 5 employees in your workspaces. An employee is a person registered with an email address under your organization’s company domain. You can also have up to 5 external members in your workspaces, which are people registered under any other domain.

All employees have the ability to create workspaces and apps. While you can have admins for your workspaces, your account will not have an overall administrator. Instead, all members within your Employee Network will have the same permissions.

You have access to most Podio features with the free version. We can add automation and integration to your free version of Podio to enhance the value and power of Podio. You can engage us before you get your free version to get expert consultation on how to get the most out of your system.

However; as promised, here are 5 things you can do with the free version:

1. Store Unlimited Files in a Documents app along with meta-data to search, retrieve and extend information to your files.
2. Connect your cloud storage to connect and interact with your stored files in Podio. You can connect Box, DropBox, GoogleDocs and more…
3. Create unlimited cloud-based databases to store project information, clients, inventory , images , movies or other unlimited data that can be easily built and accessed from anywhere.
4. Utilized internal social communications that you can communicate to 5 team members, clients, volunteers or partners.
5. You can contact us to see how automation can extend the value of Podio, Enhance your Process, Improve your Productivity, and Increase your Profit..

Click below to talk to us about how to extend the value of your FREE Podio system from our Podio experts.

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BizCloudz Platform connects all of your business clouds

BizCloudz is BizNetz cloud platform. BizCloudz gives you affordability, flexibility and power. This SaaS platform can support a variety of solutions from small business to enterprise. The importance of private connectivity to the cloud on a reliable, secure and low-latency network is more important than ever in high-performance cloud computing.

Cloudz Connect direct network connectivity to over 50 cloud providers and over 150 cloud on-ramps globally. Whether you need multiple cloud connections or just one, we utilize our industry-leading fiber communications infrastructure across Dark FiberWavelengthsEthernet and IP Services, including pre-provisioned network connections up to 10Gbps, to deliver cloud connectivity solutions more flexibly, cost-effectively, and with greater performance than traditional network service providers and cloud exchanges.

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