Digital Marketing Automation - Growth HackingWhat if you could focus on what you do best?

You are great at what you do. If you have more clients, students, subscribers, users, or members – You could be more successful! BizNetz can empower you through Digital Marketing Automation.
You can get the results you are looking for through our bizDigital Marketing Solutions. We employ specific Growth Hacking strategies based on the goals of your organization. Our proprietary Growth Hacking digital marketing solutions include the necessary Strategy, Automation, Integration, Content / Media Creation, and Tools to grow your audience.

BizNetz enables you to acquire as many clients, students, subscribers, users, or members as you need on a limited budget. Our fantastic Returns on Investment (ROI) through Digital Marketing is repeatable and predictable. We have the use cases to prove it. We automate the digital marketing process and make it easy for you to focus on your goals and grow. Then we help you manage those client relationships, so your success is sustainable.

Can “Growth Hacking” really work for your organization? Don’t guess. Find out for sure. Using our Gro Pro ROI algorithm, we can project how much you could grow in the next 11 months. Take a quick survey (less than 4 minutes), and we will send you a validated, reliable projection on your organization’s growth. Click below to find out now!

Digital Marketing

Make use of your powerful mobile devices

If you need a customer-facing application, a tool for your team or a way to work better with vendors and partners – bizGadgetz can provide a mobile or web-based app designed around your team or company. We can even integrate and automate your existing accounting, marketing, CRM, and Sales Software.

Podio is a powerful tool. Suppose you only want some of your team members to have full access to your Podio data. bizGadgetz allows you to have a simple, branded custom interface to your Podio workspaces. We develop a custom application around your business using or developing a Podio back-end. Customers or team members get an easy-to-use mobile or web interface that will display/edit data, dashboards, calendar, group and personal notifications, and trigger automations. Optimize the power of Podio with a branded bizGadgetz simple, appealing, mobile, interface.

Be More Mobile


We exist to transform companies, team, and individuals to a point where they are focusing on what they love and do best. Our mission is to provide cloud-based software to allow people to skip busy work and mundane task and get more done so they can realize their dreams.

We have spent over 25 years in software development, digital marketing, and technology consulting. We have helped Fortune 500 customers and the Fortunate 5M. We are the fastest path from inspiration to transformation. BizNetz connects people with ideas, solutions, tools, and services to help transform them from just doing… to being!

Become More Agile


Understanding the unique needs to effectively market HBCUs

Today every student has a smartphone. Your school’s reputation definitely proceeds you on the internet or social media. What are your reputation and recognition online? What videos have been shared? You need to understand how to properly market your HBCU in these changing times.   We are bizDigital – BizNetz Digital Automated Marketing solutions. We provide an …