You are a human being.
Not a human “doing!”

Every team could be more effective and get more done if they could automate business functions so they can focus on being the company or team that they dreamed to be. What if you could get rid of all the busy and mundane functions and actually focus on your business, your mission, what you love. We develop solutions to help you do just that.  Through Digital Marketing, Strategy and Content, creation we help you become the organization that you were destined to be. When you stop focusing on doing you can become.

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Make use of your powerful mobile devices

If you need a customer-facing application, a tool for your team or a way to work better with vendors and partners – bizGadgetz can provide a mobile or web-based app designed around your team or company. We can even integrate and automate your existing accounting, marketing, CRM, and Sales Software.

Podio is a powerful tool. Suppose you only want some of your team members to have full access to your Podio data. bizGadgetz allows you to have a simple, branded custom interface to your Podio workspaces. We develop a custom application around your business using or developing a Podio back-end. Customers or team members get an easy-to-use mobile or web interface that will display/edit data, dashboards, calendar, group and personal notifications, and trigger automations. Optimize the power of Podio with a branded bizGadgetz simple, appealing, mobile, interface.

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We exist to transform companies, team, and individuals to a point where they are focusing on what they love and do best. Our mission is to provide cloud-based software to allow people to skip busy work and mundane task and get more done so they can realize their dreams.

We have spent over 25 years in software development, digital marketing, and technology consulting. We have helped Fortune 500 customers and the Fortunate 5M. We are the fastest path from inspiration to transformation. BizNetz connects people with ideas, solutions, tools, and services to help transform them from just doing… to being!

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5 things you can do with Podio for $FREE

With a free Podio organization you can have up to 5 employees in your workspaces. An employee is a person registered with an email address under your organization’s company domain. You can also have up to 5 external members in your workspaces, which are people registered under any other domain. All employees have the ability to create workspaces and …