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Your unique organization needs software that works the way you do...

bizGadgetz is a unique solution that allows companies to get affordable custom software which optimizes their unique values. Spend less while doing more. Your solution... just like that!

Transform your pains and problems into productivity and profits.

Your company can actually afford software built for you, branded to your organization, using the language and nomenclature that you use. Automate what you do already. Technology that is designed around you can dramatically increase your productivity and exponentially increase your profitability.

Featured Highlights

Work Everywhere

Access, automate and collaborate from anywhere - Mobile, Laptop or Desktop.

Automate Anything

Remove the monotonous and mundane. Focus on vision critical tasks.

Share Anywhere

Get to data sheets, product information, see the latest training videos and share information as needed.

Integrate Everything

Are you tired of working on multiple systems. We can integrate most systems onto a single platform

We customize and brand it for you

BizNetz has developed the bizGadgetz framework and our customization and branding services to make life easy for you.

Our bizGadgetz framework is the fastest, most affordable way to create a powerful mobile or desktop application. Each bizGadgetz building block is targeted towards a particular functionality or vertical niche and purpose.

bizGadgetz' building blocks include Project Management, Scheduling, CRM, Estimations, Proposals, Time Tracking, Dashboards / Reports, custom functionality, integration and more.

Get a custom app now!

Give us a quick idea of what you are looking for. Learn how bizGadgetz can easily mobilize your workforce, dramatically empower your teams and exponentially enhance and automate your work. We are the fastest path from inspiration to transformation!

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Amazing Functionality:

Calendars and Scheduling

Get everyone on the same page. Effectively schedule your team members. Understand how your time is being used with our time tracking tools. Manage with knowledge and data. Remove any uncertainty about deadlines, resources and timeliness. Enhance your team's productivity using validated tools.

Dashboards, Visualizations and Reports

Better understand your organization at-a-glance with our dashboards, data visualizations and reports. Seeing your data in a visual context helps you understand the significance of trends and patterns in ways that you may otherwise miss. Designing custom reports will allow your organization to expose and recognize the most important information that produces productivity, profitability and improved processes. 

Customer Catalogs, Inventory and Sales Tools

bizGadgetz can create an application that is both customer-facing and used by internal teams. Create product or service catalogs to allow you to easily find, view details, and share information. Instantly update information, associated media, and documents from an easy-to-use and manage back end.

CRM, Project Management, Proposals, Contracts, & more...

We can provide great functionality fast by using pre-built modules and building blocks that can be customized and configured to your requirements. These building blocks include Project Management, Scheduling, CRM, Estimations, Proposals, Time Tracking, Dashboards/ Reports, Digital Signatures, Email Automation and more. 

Find out if a bizGadgetz solution will work for you.

Not every solution can be easily built with our bizGadgetz framework but you owe it to yourself to spend 10 minutes to find out if our software will work for your organization.

Fast Implementation
(in 3 Steps)

We have developed our bizGadgetz framework and our customization services to include the secrets we have learned over the past 12 years based on decades of experience in rapid development solutions. Your custom software will be professionally implemented in 3 easy Steps!


We will understand your process, design your required functionality and apply your branding through a series of convenient online meetings. The work product will be a comprehensive plan, with specific deliverables and a fixed price estimate. You will have the comfort of custom software that is designed around your organization's culture and requirements.


We configure, develop and brand your application.  Using our agile methodology, we produce custom software within your budget and based on your requirements. Your custom application will reflect your values and optimize the uniqueness of your organization. You will interact with prototypes and your application in every part of the process so that we can deliver the system you actually dreamed of.


Your validation through User Acceptance Testing  will assure that your system works as designed, desired and required. Your new custom application will work on Desktops, LapTops, Smart Phones and Tablets. Your Team, Customers,  Partners or Students will be able to work from almost anywhere. You will be recognized as the leader who transformed your organization's pains and problems into productivity and profits  with the help of an amazing Custom Application!

Joe Frazier  //  Senior Architect

I’ve been Architecting Custom Software for Fortune 500 Companies for over 30 years. If you are about to buy a cloud-based, Software as a Service, or Off the Shelf solution- Don’t Do It!! Better yet, you can have a great custom solution built around your organization, your team and your process, that works the way you do, which is 100% guaranteed to save you time and money! You will be the hero!

Join Our Productive Happy Customers

Integration to existing or new software!

BizNetz was able to effectively integrate multiple complex software systems into our custom applications. This gives our company the advantage of data continuity throughout the entire sales and service lifecycle. These integrations enhance the productivity of our people and service to our clients.

  Robin Smith //  Chief Operating Officier - Strong Automotive Merchandising 

bizGadgetz functionality tweaked to our specifications.

bizGadgetz allows our teams to work on multiple platforms. Our data is accessible and available. The great thing about a custom application is that we can work the way we need to so our people can get more done.

Neal Roberts, PharmD //  Director of Operations - Emtiro Health

Virtual Support like the team is working in the next office.

Today it is important to be agile. We meet often with our team so the changes we need are made responsively. We can update and adapt as needed. BizNetz is available to support us before, during and after system implementation with care, quality and professionalism.

Dr. Eric Gladney //  Assistant Dean and MBA Director - North Carolina A&T State University

It is great having functionality that we can modify, update, and enhance when we need it.

I have been a very satisfied customer of BizNetz. In my position with Disney ABC Television, I work with many vendors and I can honestly say that BizNetz is one of the best. Joe and his team are always professional, responsive, technically savvy and willing to work hard on our behalf and put up with our ever-changing requests. Joe is also very good about looking for new solutions and presenting them to us in a context that fits our business model. He has taken the time to understand our actual needs and work to mold his products to those needs. BizNetz does the work in a way that feels like their team is an extension of our team.

Ken Niblock //  Production Manager Disney ABC Television Group

The Best Time to find out how easy it is to get a custom app is Now!

Give us a quick idea of what you are looking for. Learn how bizGadgetz can easily mobilize your workforce, dramatically empower your teams and exponentially enhance and automate your work. We are the fastest path from inspiration to transformation. You get your solution... just like that!

Boost Your Team's Productivity and Focus!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Your Custom Application will be built to your specifications based on your required deliverables. Our fixed priced strategy assures that there are no surprises. Our agile methodology includes prototypes, demos, and user testing so that you are involved and review results at every step in the process.

                    - Joe Frazier 

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