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BizNetz, Inc. helps great teams that want to improve their process to enhance productivity, efficiency, and communication so that people get more done in less time and are able to focus on what they do best through workflow process improvement and digital marketing, via automation, integration, and analytics. Out-Think Work!

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I'm Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier is the Chief Inspiration Officer and Co-Founder of BizNetz, Inc.  Joe is a process automation expert, digital marketing/media technology specialist, and award winning systems architect. Joe has provided revolutionary software to increase productivity, automate digital marketing, and customize media management solutions that enhance profitability. You can count on Joe Frazier to architect amazing automated workflow, digital media solutions, and complex integrations that positively impact world-class organizations.

We can help you with

Business processes are increasing in complexity. Most workers like certain aspects of their jobs. However, many people are stuck doing mundane, manual tasks having nothing to do with their core job functions. Thats where we come in...

Digital Marketing

Communicating your message out to a specific target audience that you need to reach. 

Process Automation

Eliminating repetitive, monotonous tasks, so that your people can focus on what they do best.

Custom Software

Don't continue to try to put a square plug into a round hole. Work the way you want to, so you can get more done.

Our Origin Story

Today Joe and Rhonda Frazier, Black Business Owners, run a local company with a global reach using the Internet. The couple met at college in 1983 at Georgia Tech (following degrees from HBCUs - Tougaloo College and Spelman College, respectively). The year 1983 is also considered to be the beginning of the Internet as we know it today. Five years later, their long-distance courtship (10 hours apart) had to happen without the benefit of the internet, email, or cell phones. Although it is typical today, even in 1988, very few companies did business over the Internet. 

BizNetz = Business + Internet

After it was clear that the two nerds were soulmates, they were able to find corporate management jobs only minutes away from each other in Greensboro. The work-life bliss lasted 6-months. Joe's company notified him that he would need to leave Greensboro and transfer with his company to another location, perhaps in Ohio. He thought - “Why can't I live where I want and work over a computer network?” It sounds easy now, but this was revolutionary in 1989.

The story of this technology small business began. They searched for an internet domain name for their new business. However, every combination of the words 'Business' and 'Internet' was taken. The couple thought of what happens when most people try to spell their name; they often have to say - "it's Frazier with a Z." So they added two Zs, and BizNetz ( was born! “Yes, that’s two Zs,” they often need to say.

Let's get stuff done!

By eliminating mundane, redundant, and repetitive tasks through innovative technologies, BizNetz assists organizations to focus on what they love and do best. Joe and Rhonda realized that business processes were getting very complicated. Most workers like certain aspects of their jobs. However, many people are stuck doing manual tasks having nothing to do with their core job functions. That is where BizNetz comes in.

The BizNetz team's expertise is in technology - automation, integration, AI, digital marketing, and analytics. BizNetz has received numerous accolades, including a “Best Internet Software” award from Oracle, and was recognized as One of the Best Software Companies in Greensboro. BizNetz helped to create financial models for banks and created disruptive innovations in digital image processing.

2Be > 2Do

Since BizNetz’s founding,  Joe and Rhonda have met the challenges of running a technology business and learning to pivot in a rapidly changing market. However, they have developed a simple formula for business: 2Be > 2Do. This means that it is more important to become who you were created to be than just completing a list of Things To Do! After all, we are human BEings, not human DOings. To this end, BizNetz provides clients with Innovative Digital Marketing, Time-Saving Process Automation / Integrations, and Transformational Custom Software Development, all designed to help organizations BEcome who their “Missions Statement” says they are. 

BizNetz clients, partners, and associates are located all over the world. And, you guessed it, connected by the Internet. BizNetz clients may have a local presence (like North Carolina A&T and Syngenta), regional reach (like Strong Automotive and Truist Bank), National Scope (like Wells Fargo and ABC), or a Global influence (like media/entertainment conglomerate Disney).

"I have been a very satisfied customer of BizNetz. In my position with Disney ABC Television, I work with many vendors, and I can honestly say that BizNetz is one of the best."

Ken Niblock

Former Executive Director of Photo Operations & Visual Communications at Disney

"BizNetz effectively integrated multiple complex software systems into our custom applications. This gives our company the advantage of data continuity throughout the entire sales and service lifecycle. These integrations enhance the productivity of our people and service to our clients."

Robin Smith
Chief Operating Officer at Strong Automotive Merchandising

Let's Make History Together!

BizNetz also has over 25 associates that work together online globally, including the US, Canada, the UK, India, and the Philippines. Whether providing marketing analytics, sales automation, software development, or technology integration - BizNetz is the fastest path from Information to Transformation. The company ‘hacks time’ to help busy organizations implement systems that improve workflow efficiencies and personnel effectiveness. Find out what these great companies already know!

After changing, adapting, updating, and being in business for over 30 years, Joe and Rhonda use their learnings, experience, and business challenges to provide a hand-up to others in the local community. Rhonda has taught financial literacy in local schools and is currently volunteering with Junior Achievement. Joe and Rhonda serve in various capacities at their church - Destiny Church ( They are certified coordinators for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Literacy Classes ( for children, youth, and adults. The couple has also developed a course for individual and small business success called The Master Money Maker (http://TheMasterMoney).

Joe and Rhonda have learned that Diversity is not a buzzword; it is one of America's greatest secret weapons. "If everyone in an organization thinks alike, you limit innovation." Find out how BizNetz, Inc helps clients Out Think Work ( ) or or on Facebook (, LinkedIn (, and YouTube (

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