Get ready to change our world. Use nutrition to treat disease. Grow food in the middle of a city. Design landscapes that turn runoff into water for green space. Just imagine where our degrees and certificate programs can take you.

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If you are a college student or STEM graduate, consider your next step or career path.

Remember, you wanted to change the world!

You CAN still Change The World. Start by changing your world with an advanced degree (MS/Ph.D.) or certificate from the N.C. A&T College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES).

You have graduated or are graduating from college. What now? There was a time when you dreamed of making a difference. You were going to use your 'super powers' for good. Anything was possible. You were going to change the world!

Now you are not feeling so sure. Are you where you imagined you would be? Is what you are doing actually making a difference? Do you have a mission? Or just a job? Feeling unfulfilled?

It is not too late. You can get there from where you are right now. Today, an advanced degree or post-degree certificate program can make a big difference in your life and career.

You CAN still change the world and impact your community. You can make a difference. You can help save the planet, animals, and people. Make life better for us all.

This starts by determining to change your outlook, your world, or just your environment. Discover how the N.C. A&T College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) can be the environment and community that you have been searching for.

Take your dreams of a better world to the next level. You will be surprised at all of the options and opportunities that we offer. Continue to scan this page and imagine where an advanced degree or certificate from CAES will take you.

The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences includes much more than you might expect...

The North Carolina A&T State University College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) helps BS or MS degree holders passionate about learning, analysis, research, discoveries, and applications. CAES seeks out innovative problem solvers interested in careers related to agriculture, environmental sciences, family and consumer sciences.

Piqued your interest? There may be scholarship opportunities available that you qualify for!

Programs of interest that you might never expect!

Do you think you know what programs are included in CAES? Think again! There are many ways that you can save the planet and its people. Ignite your imagination and refire your passions!

Certified Lactation Consultants

The Human Lactation Program prepares individuals to become International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), healthcare professionals who specialize in the clinical management of breastfeeding.

Food and Nutritional Scientists

Food and nutritional scientists are focused on human nutrition and health, food service, food safety and quality, and the science of food product development. 

Sustainable Animal Production and Health

The Sustainable Animal Production and Health focus area is designed to give doctoral candidates an in-depth look at the challenges facing the animal industry and equip them with the appropriate tools to answer and research questions related to the fields of sustainable animal production and animal health.

Agricultural Education

The world depends on agricultural sciences, which is why agricultural educators are needed everywhere – in business, in schools, and in government.

Here’s what students say about CAES:

If you want to understand the impact of our outstanding programs, hear it from our students. They are the real heroes that are changing the world. Join this community of passionate people that have found the secrets to fulfilling their destinies.

Bryant Wiley

...opened my eyes to a whole new world!

Now, I can Change the World!

I am a Laboratory Animal Science major. I came to N.C. A&T for the close-knit atmosphere, excellent academics, and mentoring of professors. I have enjoyed the experience of exciting research projects, animal husbandry, and hands-on experience at the NCA&T Farm. Being a part of the program at the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I have been active on campus, including being a member of the Pre-veterinary Medical Association. I have been challenged academically and inspired professionally. I CAN Change the world!

Sierra Muzquiz

You CAN change the world!

I felt like I was at home!

North Carolina A&T College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences was my first choice. From the first day, I felt like I was at home. This is a place where I could enhance my knowledge of topics that I am interested in and pursue areas that I am passionate about. I have had many research opportunities. I have not only learned in the classroom but also been given practical opportunities to put my knowledge to work. Learning here is so exciting to me! I like having these great professors that actually know my name. You can Change your world!

Anisa Johnson

Are you ready to change YOUR world?

There is a difference between a good school and a great school for you.

I'm a student in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences studying Food and Nutritional Sciences. I fell in love with the welcoming atmosphere and family approach at the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at N.C. A&T. I am obsessed with food, so I am passionate about understanding how food affects the body. This sparked by interest in studying nutrition. There is a difference between a good school and a great school for you. A&T is that great school for me. Are you ready to Change your world?

Advance Your Career and Opportunities

If you want to change THE world, change YOUR world by taking one of these NEXT steps:


Masters Programs

The benefits of a Master's degree extend beyond improving your earning potential. It will provide you with personal and professional skills to accelerate your development. This is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers, many of whom will have similar A-level and undergraduate qualifications.

A Masters in the area of agricultural and environmental sciences refer to the advanced study of how to best utilize and sustain water and land resources for producing livestock, forest products, plants, and crops. Our advanced degrees support agriculture, agribusiness, the food industry, consumer services, education, and the environment.


Ph.D. Programs

Our Ph. D. programs at N.C. A&T teaches students about the complexities of our global food system and how to adapt to emerging challenges around food, energy, and water. This program prepares individuals for successful careers as researchers, faculty, and entrepreneurs and to be active and effective leaders in academia and the agriculture industry in both the public and private sectors. Our doctoral graduates will confront the grand challenges of providing and sustaining a safe and healthy supply of food, fiber, and other products for a burgeoning global population.

Doctoral students in the agricultural and environmental sciences Ph.D. program will be taught and mentored by dynamic faculty who are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in the areas of discovery, learning, and engagement. The program offers small class sizes that allow for more interaction with our professors.


Certificate Programs

The N.C. A&T College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) Certificate Programs are post-baccalaureate certificates designed to train students with in-depth knowledge to develop innovative and creative solutions to improve, sustain, and change our world.

These Include:
- Environmental Engineering
- Environmental Sciences
- Environmental Justice
- Environmental Health and Safety
- Family Consumer Science
- Human Lactation



The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences has a rich history of discovery, innovation and application of cutting-edge technology. Much of its scientific inquiry is conducted by research faculty with joint appointments in the instructional program. That research activity is frequently sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and conducted on A&T's University Farm and in on-campus laboratories in such disciplines as agricultural economics, animal science, plant science, landscape architecture and design, human nutrition, housing, food science and animal health.

Highlights Include:

  • $34.5 million in extramural funding
  • 11 Patents Awarded
  • 22 Research Labs

CAES Departments

Department of Agribusiness, Applied Economics and Agriscience Education

Agriculture feeds and clothes the world, impacts economic development, and is a vital part of the economic system

Agribusiness is the largest industry in North Carolina and a leading source of employment opportunities across the United States. Our graduates find careers in education, multinational corporations, small businesses, and government agencies.

 Graduates from our programs are readily recruited and find good paying jobs with opportunities for advancement.

Our graduates achieve excellence through intellectual and technological advancements in agricultural education, agribusiness, agricultural economics and rural sociology.

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Opportunities include technical design, retail buying, store management/ merchandising, food-regulation compliance,food chemistry, and nutrition.

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) is one of the oldest programs at North Carolina A&T. It is the only comprehensive family and consumer sciences unit on the campus of a land-grant university in North Carolina.

The department offers a variety of exciting programs, including fashion merchandising and design, human nutrition (nutrition or pre-medicine equivalents), food sciences, child development and family relations, birth-to-kindergarten education and family studies, and consumer sciences.

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design is popular among students seeking professional careers dedicated to improving the natural environment for long-term, sustainable productivity.

Our programs appeal to people with diverse interests, from the inquisitive scientist to the creative artist. Our two Agriculture and Environmental Systems majors: Environmental Studies and Sustainable Land & Food Systems and Environmental Studies, explore issues related to food production and air, water and soil quality.

Department of Animal Sciences

A degree in animal sciences is one of the most popular options for students who love biology and life sciences. Jobs in animal sciences – A&T's leading STEM program -- are plentiful, and our graduates are always eagerly recruited by employers.

In the Department of Animal Sciences, you will find a culture that encourages and promotes critical thinking and creative investigation that will prepare you for lifelong learning in a rewarding, professional career.

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Now it’s YOUR turn to Change the World!

There is an option for you here! You can be an important part of this vibrant, welcoming community that is dedicated to your success. It is your turn to do something important for yourself. You always knew that you would change the world. Now take the next step in your journey, get ready to change your world in 3 simple steps.

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Step 2
Apply for CAES!

Your future starts here. If you have questions, or concerns please let us know. If you have taken Step 1, someone will reach out to you. We will help you through this process. However, you will need to change your environment in order to change our world. We strive for access, equity, and integrity in the admission process. Click below to get started

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Teacher and Staff Spotlight:
Dr. Derrick J. Coble

Dr. Derrick J. Coble, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in Department of Animal Sciences, where he serves as swine specialist and graduate program coordinator. He earned his B.S. in Animal Science and his M.S. in Animal Health from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and went on to earn a Ph.D. from Iowa State University in animal genetics. In his research, he correlates the effects stressors have on specific functions in livestock. He is also collaborating with his colleagues in the Department Family and Consumer Sciences to assess the meat quality, bacterial load, and consumer perceptions of the pork from these animals.

Meet a few of our awesome professors:

Our professors, administrators, and staff strive to create an atmosphere and environment for the successful pursuit of careers and academic goals in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences through an academically stimulating, mentoring, nurturing community that fosters creativity and innovative research.

Dr. Antoine Alston

Associate Dean

Department of Agribusiness, Applied Economics and Agriscience Education

"Dr. Alston has always believed in me, no matter what."

My research interest emphasizes the role of instructional technology and distance learning have in agricultural education in all formal and informal settings. I am also interested in specifically how secondary agricultural education teachers utilize the tools of instructional technology to help improve the learning outcomes of agriculture students.

Dr. Heather Colleran 

Assistant Professor
Food and Nutritional Sciences

"I love working with Dr. Colleran and doing research that will make a difference for families"

My interest in sports and food has led me to pursue advanced degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science. My research delves into many aspects of nutrition and exercise interventions aimed at health and wellness promotion for children, students, athletes, and families. 

Dr. Yewande Fasina

Associate Professor
Animal Sciences

"Dr. Fasina has been a great help to me and has given me so many opportunities."

I am interested in many research areas that involve the health and sustainability of animals and their effect on people's lives. This includes studies of the interactive effects of nutrients and the immune responses to infection. Interacting with bright young minds is important to me.

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You can change YOUR world here!

Come to a place where everyone around you is rooting for you to succeed. Many employers of money to pursue advanced degrees. Talk to your HR department. You must apply to see what scholarships are available. If you want change, you have to make a change. Take the first step, click below:

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?

Application deadline dates varies based on the semester you choose. Please Click here for more info

Do you offer a Ph.D.?


Doctoral students in the agricultural and environmental sciences Ph.D. program will be taught and mentored by a dynamic faculty who are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in the areas of discovery, learning and engagement. The program offers small class sizes that allow for more interaction with our professors.

Doctoral candidates are required to take 65 post-baccalaureate credit hours, including 15 credit hours of core courses, 15 credit hours of electives and 18 credit hours within one of five concentrations. Doctoral candidates also must complete a dissertation.


  • Food Science, Human Nutrition and Health
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  • Agribusiness and Applied Economics
  • Sustainable Animal Production and Health
  • Sustainable Animal Production and Health

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How can I get answers and specific information? 

For more information about the program, including admission and degree requirements and a detailed curriculum overview for each concentration, please contact

Antoine Alston, Ph.D.
Associate dean of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Office# (336) 285-4818.

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How do I apply? 

The Admissions staff is here to guide you through every step of the admissions process. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at 336-334-7946 or 800-443-8964 and press 1.

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No ifs, ands, or buts...

I personally invite you to learn more about our exciting programs. You wanted to change the world. Now, you see how you can really do it - an advanced degree form the N.C. A&T State University College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Feeding a hungry planet and protecting the environment we all share are challenges that become more important every day.  Here at the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES), you can help meet those challenges.

With a history of innovation and , application of cutting-edge technology and delivery of educational programs for students and North Carolina communities, we engage in practical research that enriches the lives, the land and the economy of our state, nation, and changing our world!

Dr. Antoine Alston

Professor & Associate Dean, Academic Studies

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