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Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO)
-  Joseph Frazier!

Joe Frazier is the Chief Inspiration Officer and Co-Founder of BizNetz, Inc. BizNetz customers include Syngenta, Hanes, Truist Bank, Volvo, Wells Fargo, Disney and ABC. Joe is a process automation expert, digital marketing/media technology specialist, and award winning systems architect. Joe has provided revolutionary software to increase productivity, automate digital marketing, and customize media management solutions that enhance profitability. You can count on Joe Frazier to architect amazing automated workflow, digital media solutions, and complex integrations that positively impact world-class organizations.

Joe has degrees in Theoretical Physics and Applied Physics specializing in Computer-based Instrumentation from Tougaloo College and Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech). He is also an experienced corporate technology manager for Fortune 500 companies. As a consultant, he has used physics models in Time Series Analysis and Forecasting. He has also applied the Viral Product Diffusion Model to forecast marketing performance. He has architected enterprise solutions for global companies, and amazing automation solutions that have had substantial bottom-line impact.

Joe is passionate about the 'Fortunate 5 Million' small businesses that make a difference for their customers, communities, and families. He serves as an advisor, mentor, and teacher on many topics that affect corporate managers, entrepreneurs, and small / micro business owners.

Joe’s background in Physics has led to his research on Time Travel. His most important discoveries were not accomplished by harnessing the power of anti-matter, time stone, or the 'flux capacitor.' He has found that by implementing process automation solutions, he can "time-hack" workflow so that teams "Time Travel" and get back their most precious commodity - Time.  Joe helps smart managers "Out Think Work!" Get in contact by providing your information below:

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