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How would you like to get valued  MORE for what you do best?

Imagine a graph. On the X-axis is pleasure. The further you go to the right the more pleasure you get out of life. The higher you go towards the top the more treasure you get - money, security, savings, investment, prosperity. The graph is basically split into four parts. There are incentives to remain in each one of the 4 quadrants that’s why people change jobs, change cities, even change relationships but they rarely change quadrants. Learn the Secrets of the Money / Time Paradox. Everyone who is successful ultimately changes quadrants and optimizes Pleasure and Treasure. You will learn a SMB methodology called the Treasure Pleasure Principle. Find out how to make more money while simultaneously getting your life back.


Webinar Benefits:


SMB Lessons from Fortune 500

Duration: 0m 34s

Our expertise with Fortune 500 Company taught us how to scale solutions to SMBs.


Moving toward More Income

Duration: 2m 02s

Position yourself and your business for higher income and less work.


3 Foundations for Growth

Duration: 2m 31s

Learn the 3 factors that can become a foundation for your business growth.


Initiate Business Success

Duration: 0m 33s

How to initiate your SMB transformation. Getting to the next level can start today!

The C-suite is deemed an important and vital group of individuals that help define the strategy and tactics necessary for the organization to fulfill its mission and reach is goals. In an (SMB) Medium, Small, Micro, Soloprenuer, or Gig business, the owner/founder is usually visionary and CEO. However, many don't reach the levels of success that are possible because their C-Suite is incomplete. The SMB C Suite endeavors to provide a small organization's CEO with resources who have the experience and finely-honed skills necessary to take the company to the next level. As the CEO, you have the skills, knowledge, vision, and talent. Now you can be empowered to "Level Up!


What is available to you:


bizGadgetz Revolutionary technology tools and e-commerce systems to allow you to run your business as if by remote comtrol.


bizDigital Outstanding automated marketing approach that empowers you to market, advertise and grow your profits / clients.


GigNetz Extroidinary process and workflows to allow Gig Workers to get more done in less time and do what they love.


BizNetz Exemplary strategic consulting to help you and your business become who you are destined to be.


SMB C Suite Benefits

Our C-level executives have attained functional know-how and technical skills. They have also cultivated the visionary perspectives needed to help provide great strategic decisions that move the SMB toward stability, longevity, and profitability. Our CXO consulting includes the Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Cheif Operations Officers, and Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) who are experts.

Our C Suite offers the SMB access to the systems, tools, processes, workflows, and teams required to accelerate your success.


What you will learn in the webinar:

  • Give yourself a Raise
    How to get paid more to do what you love, while working less.
    The power of focus
    The way to focus on what you do best and eliminate the busy work.
    Avoid the grind bind
    Eliminate the trap of working more hours to get paid more mone.
  • Get Expert Assistance
    Utilize this new method to get the profesional consulting, mentorship, and partnership you need without paying high wages or rates..
  • Growth Hack to increase your audience
    Quickly increase the quantity and quality of your customers.

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