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Your unique organization needs software that works the way you do...

bizGadgetz is a solution that allows companies to get affordable custom software which optimizes their unique values. Spend less while doing more. Your solution... just like that!

Transform your pains and problems into productivity and profits.

Your company can actually afford software built for you, branded to your organization, using the language and nomenclature that you use. Automate what you do already. Technology that is designed around you can dramatically increase your productivity and exponentially increase your profitability.


Featured Highlights


Work Everywhere

Access, automate and collaborate from anywhere - Mobile, Laptop or Desktop.


Automate Anything

Remove the monotonous and mundane. Focus on vision critical tasks.


Share Anywhere

Get to data sheets, product information, see the latest training videos and share information as needed.


Integrate Everything

Are you tired of working on multiple systems. We can integrate most systems onto a single platform

We customize and brand it for you

BizNetz has developed the bizGadgetz framework and our customization and branding services to make life easy for you.

Our bizGadgetz framework is the fastest, most affordable way to create a powerful mobile or desktop application. Each bizGadgetz building block is targeted towards a particular functionality or vertical niche and purpose.

bizGadgetz' building blocks include Project Management, Scheduling, CRM, Estimations, Proposals, Time Tracking, Dashboards / Reports, custom functionality, integration and more.

Get a custom app now!

Give us a quick idea of what you are looking for. Learn how bizGadgetz can easily mobilize your workforce, dramatically empower your teams and exponentially enhance and automate your work. We are the fastest path from inspiration to transformation!