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You've heard it before, "You need marketing to expand."  Now, you can afford it! bizDigital is marketing for HBCUs...

Digital marketing based on technology, data, and precise detailed analytics produces a high Return on Investment (ROI) and Results that your HBCU needs. Our comprehensive, integrated digital strategy will give you a foundation for all the key online marketing activities and increase your bottom line results dramatically while increasing enrollment and giving.


Digital Marketing Data

  • Location-specific digital ad campaigns are 20x more effective than traditional banner ads that are not location-based.
  • Nine-of-ten Millennials (92%) own and use smartphones as the principle communication.
  • On average, 46% of users act after viewing a video ad
  • Segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14-32% higher than a single email.
  • 72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic.
  • 94% of business social marketers use LinkedIn, 87% Twitter, 84% Facebook, and 74% YouTube as a part of content marketing strategy.
  • Brands spend 25%-43% of their marketing budget on content.
  • More video has been watched on social media in the last 30 days than television in the last 30 years.
  • Social media has become the most popular content marketing tactic reported by 90% of B2C businesses.
  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine.

BizNetz bizDigital Automation Solutions will help you use this powerful information to extend, expand, and enhance your reach using key digital marketing tools that will give you the best results for your money. We can develop a marketing strategy around your goals, requirements, and budget that will enable you to effectively fulfill your mission. Our process starts with a $Free Online Review (Click Below). We can meet at your convenience to discuss a strategy that will work for you. We will remove the complexity and help you achieve the results that you have been seeking.

We take the mystery and complexity out of online marketing. Let us provide an automated,  custom, comprehensive digital marketing plan for your organization..

Our System Works!

Others just like you were skeptical, only to find that our system made a real difference for them. Guiding potential customers to take a desired action through an automated process which improves over time. We create a comprehensive plan for your organization that can include all of the following plus more:


Online Advertising

Our Online Advertising includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Pay Per Click (PPC). After we build up our clients content and inbound marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) organically. We use the analytics and content strategy to build a truly effective paid Online Advertising strategy. This method helps us get the most effective paid advertising strategy which minimizes cost over time.

We don't just throw money at ads. Advertisers cannot simply pay more to ensure that their ads appear more prominently than their competitor’s ads. Instead, ads are subject to what is known as the Ad Auction, an entirely automated process that Google and other major search engines use to determine the relevance and validity of advertisements that appear

We deeply understand our customers needs and audience through communications, research, analytics and tuning to effectivly drive specific, targeted, internet traffic toward a well thought out call to action. We don't want a lot of clicks that you've paid for we get results that you need. Using a combination of internet marketing and advertising techniques, we optimize the appropriate technology to provide authentic results with a high ROI.

Social Marketing

Create awareness and recognition with social marketing. We help engage your audience and guide them to your call to action through content of interest with ads and boosted posts that targets the perfect customer. We all understand that social networks collect a vast amount of demographic data. We use the power of that data to analyze and attract the audience that needs your products and services. The automation through each step of the sales funnel allows you have a minimal time investment with a maximum result. All done with no guesswork, just easy-to-understand visual feedback.

Mobile Marketing

All of this marketing technology is great! But it MUST be viewable on all mobile devices. Have you ever heard of PLD?  It is a phenomenon that you can see happening everywhere - People Looking Down! If people are going to be looking at their devices anyway they might as well focus on what you want them too! We make sure your marketing content and videos are optimized for desktop AND mobile devices. Look at this page on your smart phone, tablet or any iThing and you will have a great experience. Most people make part of their search and discovery on a device on-the-go. We take care of this for you.

Video Marketing

Creating video and promoting it on social media provides an opportunity to target specific customers for various aspects of your marketing. We will introduce shareable videos with storylines to produce a call to action for each target audience. Millennials are spending less time in front of their TVs (if they even still own one) and more time watching video on their mobile devices and laptops. Video is unique in its ability to connect with viewers and social networks favor video in their algorithms, knowing that this rich content is favored by users.  We will use the power of video to attract your specific target audience.

Email Marketing

Sure there are plenty of affordable email marketing tools that look great on TV commercials, until you have to create the graphics in the right size and format to make everything look good. What about getting the email addresses from the blog or squeeze page to the marketing platform. Then there's setting up the campaign without spamming. Wait... Relax! We take care of that for you with your direction, we provide the branding, configuration, automation and results you are looking for.

Enhance your Success

You are great at what you do. If more people actually understand what you offer and how it could help them, it would be a win-win. We can help you win with digital marketing. We help you craft and deliver your message where people are looking. Digital marketing will enhance your bottom line so you can focus on what you do best!

Extend your Reach

Your organization is limited only by the people who actually know about what you do. The people you are looking for use different methods to decide where to spend their money and time than they did a few years ago. We can get your information to the right people in a predictable way. So you can reach further than ever and do more in less time.

Expand your Impact

The passion that you have for what you do needs to be translated to the world. We help you put your best foot forward in the digital domain. Level the playing field with a digital marketing plan that automates your customer acquisition process. Let your social content engage visitors, then convert them from customer to great fans and sales people.

Media to attract your demographic on Social Networks!

We create customized marketing plans...

Let us customize and build a complete Marketing Plan for you, around your goals & budget!

We have developed innovative, cutting edge technology, automation and analytics so we can scale an Automated Digital Marketing Solution to fit your organization regardless of how big or small. Let us level the playing field for you, so that you fulfill your mission and achieve: prescribed, powerful, predictable RESULTS.

We will transform your target audience from visitors into customers and fans. Fans have driven our business for over 25 years. We have provided technology to marketing companies, Fortune 500 departments, and agencies. We have seen marketing go from a soft, creative process with intuition and guess work to a data driven analytic process that requires automation and technology. You understand your business, we understand how to navigate the digital domain. Click below to get a $FREE review to see how we can help you reach your goals.

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