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Gate City Barber School Mission

Teaching Skills. • Molding Creativity • Empowering Communities

The mission of Gate City Barber School is to teach students the art ofbarbering while increasing the probability of business success and personal fulfillment. The primary goal is to facilitate the student passing the North Carolina Barber Exam. The board ensures the safe and sanitary practice of barbering in North Carolina, and verifiesthat applicants for barber licenses have the requisite knowledge under the laws passed by the General Assembly of North Carolina.

Gate City Barber School provides optimal educational opportunities and guidance.  With this mission, our students may formulate and achieve their professional and personal goals, as well as develop the skills, knowledge and attitude that will enable them to become involved, contributing members of their business communities.

Teaching Skills

We provide the technical barbering skills in the areas of cuts, styles, shaves & consulting. We also train our students in the "soft-skills” of communication, professionalism, and customer service that are required for success in the profession.

Molding Creativity

Barbering is one of the oldest trades and a well-respected profession. Mentoring students on how to utilize their own creativity and style to become a unique professional is how to cultivate and maintain long-term  success.

Empowering Communities

We are founded in a tradition where barbers are pillars of the community. By educating strong professional barbers, we hope to impact the communities in which they serve. We hope our graduates will be particularly active, respected, and influential.


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Benefits of being a Barber

Gate City Barber School has unique benefits that you can't get anywhere else!

Barbering is one of the oldest trades and a well-respected profession. The Health and Beauty Industry is stable and consistent. Barbering is also a growing industry for personal expression and creativity. There are both personal and professional benefits to becoming a barber.

Our goal is for students to pass the state board exam, attain a license, learn to master cuts, styles, shaves & consulting, and to become financially successful in a great field. We offer an environment that will enable the student to thrive and develop the social, physical as well  emotional skills to be a successful professional and a positive influence in the community where they will reside.

DOn't just get another job, start a Career!

We offer those interested in the trade of barbering, the best education possible. You will learn the most current barbering styles and techniques. Moreover, you will learn how to succeed and thrive in a great industry. We will train you in all aspects of the business. Our success, at Gate City Barber School, as a school, is defined by the impact of our students on the people they serve and the community at-large.

Kenny McDoe

Owner / Lead Instructor

I have been a customer of Gate City for many years. Kenny operates his shop and business with unsurpassed professionalism, customer service, and integrity. Any student that is taught at Gate City Barber School is well on their way to a great career as a successful barber and business person. If you have ever considered this profession get the best training possible. I would highly recommend Gate City Barber School to anyone who wants to learn the barber art and business!

John Franklin

A satisfied customer

Our Facilities

The school is located near the Greensboro city center in the revitalized downtown area. Greensboro is located in The Triad  (Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem) of North Carolina, a metropolitan area with a population greater than 1.6 Million people.

The facilities include a well-lit, comfortable, customer area where the student will learn how to operate in a professional barber shop. The class-room and media area includes comfortable desks and are the central learning area. This area includes media delivery and a resource library that will allow students to get classroom instructions specific to barbering and the business of being a professional barber.

The facility also includes a practical area with modern working stations where the students work on dummies, models, and actual customers under the direct supervision of an instructor. The spacious educational facilities are furnished with the latest barber equipment and technology. School management guarantees that every effort will be made to maintain a refreshing atmosphere conducive to an exciting and professional level of study.

Money Back Guarantee

Here at Gate City Barber School we believe the instruction we provide will transform your life and career more than you ever thought possible. We're so sure of this that we offer a conditional money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, we can refund any unused portion of your tuition in accordance with our policy.

Note: This Money Back Guarantee is subject to the refund policy outlined (on page 5) in your contract.

Gate City is like no other school that you have attended

Forget about boring classes, topics that you don't care about, and learning stuff you will never use. Gate City Barber School will prepare you for a money-making, exciting, fulfilling career. Our course work, mentoring, and supplemental resources will prepare students to be confident and successful professional barbers.

Total course work includes 1200 hours to satisfy North Carolina State Law requirements as well as (up to 300 hours of) elective and supplemental courses that will enhance professional barber success. The course work includes intensive theory and practical experience. It also emphasizes sanitation, hygiene, regulations, ethics, business management, communication, retailing and personal motivation.

Gate City Barber School will provide each student a quality education that prepares the student to pass the state board exam, and receive a North Carolina State Barber License. Upon graduation, students receives a diploma, a professional exit interview and mentoring.

Each student will learn from experienced, expert, working professionals. Outside instructors are brought in to supplement the educational process. Graduates can be confident that they will be well prepared to have a successful career as a barber. Click below to learn how you can get started.

Teaching the skills, techniques, art, and business of barbering.

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Enhance Your Life!

Consider a respected career with a lot of opportunities and independence. One year from now, you could be a licensed, professional barber. We will give you the skills, knowledge, and credentials to change your life.

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We have several ways for you to afford Barber School!

We do not have traditional Financial Aid. However, our tuition of $8,000 is well below many barber schools. We have several methods that you can use to pay. Apply now and avoid the application fee. We offer three payment options. You can pay by PayPal, Credit Card, PayPal Credit (easy to get loan), or GCBS Payment Plan.

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Gate City Barber School Total Investment Summary: $8,000
Tuition Includes:

  • Registration and set-up
  • Books and Resources
  • Kit / Supplies / Tools
  • Full Program Tuition

Note: Monthly Payment, Financial Assistance, Grants and Loans Available. Apply Now to learn more!

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