Workflow Automation

Tired of Having these Annoying Problems?

  • Your spreadsheet-based workflow has grown out of control. Multiple sheets,
    versions, and editors can lead to chaos. 
  • Managing communications and data with email threads has gotten really
    confusing. Now it's hard to track progress and manage your process.
  • Desktop programs (like Excel and Access) are easy to understand and work
    well but do not provide a cohesive system that can scale. Plus, these programs
    are often hard to integrate with other tools.

Hi, I'm Joe. As a former corporate department manager, I understand how frustrating it is to not have the appropriate tools
for your amazing team to get work done. Or to try to cobble tools together to work more efficiently. I'll show you how to get
a customized, automated system, that works like you want it to, within your budget! 

How can workflow automation turbo-charge Your Team, so each person can focus on what they do best?

Problem: Spreadsheets are great applications for many things, but your Excel or Google Sheet is not up to the task of running your team's most critical processes.

Implication: Keeping track of spreadsheet versions, email threads, requests, and data gets to be very complicated and
confusing as your workload grows. Or may even create huge issues when things change. And we know THINGS WILL CHANGE. Managing a workflow using spreadsheets and emails is not efficient.

Solution: We can automate your departmental processes so that your team is efficient, organized, and optimized. What if you could focus on what you do does best? bizWorkFlow is a solution that can deliver a customized system that lets your team get more done and work the way you want to. We build a customized solution around your work and your team.

Turn your teams tangle of spreadsheets, emails, and calendar invites into an easy, cohesive, automated
workflow that allows you to manage, optimize, and organize. can focus on what they do best?

As a department or area manager, you are always trying to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your people who are on-site or virtual. Today, enhancing the effectiveness of your virtual team is vital.

Communication to your virtual team needs to go beyond online meetings. You need to connect data, processes, & workflow.

You have great people, created a unique culture, and you have a nomenclature that works for your team. However, new systems equire you to change a lot to use them. Why? You should be able to improve your process while automating your workflow. You do not need to work harder. Are you ready to work smarter?


"We would be delighted to have one of our expert teams analyze your process to see how much time and money you can save by automating your workflow. Many teams yield a greater than 300% ROI in the first year. Click below for a FREE consultation to see how our "Done For You" solution will work for your organization"


Your team doesn't need another "Do it Yourself" tool. You need a DONE FOR YOU Solution!

Our team of experts helps you document your operations, identify opportunities,
ptimize your process, integrate systems, and automate your workflow.

Your team can be more effective if they could only Focus on What they Do Best!

Remember when that new team member joined your group. They were excited, creative, and ready for any challenge! Have you seen the spark in their eye dim a bit? Repetitive tasks, redundant work on multiple systems, and the overwhelming linty of email threads can cause a lack of excitement and enthusiasm.

Trying to do your best work requires getting the most out of your people. Virtual teams can be incredibly challenging because it is harder to keep people engaged and involved.

Your job may be more challenging than ever. You may be under pressure to get more work done. However, it is essential to keep people motivated, manage your workflow, and report on your results. Turn any process using Google Sheets, MS Access or MS Excel to Cloud integrated, secure, system of record.

You can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your virtual team.

Three areas will help you get the most out of your people while keeping them engaged. We can help you with each of these aspects: 



You need to connect multiple dissimilar applications, systems, and tools where you need to share data.



It would help if you communicated socially, securely, and privately to optimize your processes.



You would dramatically increase productivity if you could orchestrate and robotize repetitive tasks.

How BizNetz can help you empower your team

  • Understand and Document Your Current Process.
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement.
  • Recommend and Prototype Workflow Automations.
  • Review areas where system integrations could be implemented.
  • Pinpoint key attributes that can be utilized to measure and
    improve performance.
Workflow Automation

You do not need a shiny new application or an all-in-one tool; You need a comprehensive solution, customized by experts.

You have several options. Some "no-code" "do-it-yourself" tools are really good. The issue is, you have work to do, and it doesn't include building a new system. You can get help from your IT team. They are overworked and understaffed. They will do a good job, but it might take a while before they could get to you. Utilize an enterprise-wide solution. Your department, implementing a part of an enterprise solution is often like putting a square peg into a round hole. Wouldn't it be great if you had a solution that was designed around you and your team?

Virtual Team Software

How do you highlight the great work that You and Your Team are doing?

Sure, you're working hard and getting a lot accomplished. The trouble is, you need to explain this in an easy way to your organization. Upper Management likes numbers, facts, and a simple story. You need Key Performance Indicators that can easily highlight your great results. You probably want analytics and "big picture" charts that tell the story that you already know intrinsically. WE ARE WORKING OUR BUTTS OFF!! You can't say that, but reports and analytics can elegantly Tell Your Story! We can help.

Continuous monitoring and measurement of your automated workflow will help identify bottlenecks and suggest areas for improvement. Ongoing assessment of your newly upgraded workflow will also help your team become more efficient.

Virtual Team Management

BizNetz helps customized to your process, nomenclature, & systems Your Solution: bizWorkFlow

Our team of experts creates a cohesive, comprehensive, easy-to-use system that improves your productivity and helps your team Get More Done! 

A dedicated team will help you clearly define and document your business goals, create workflows based on team requirements, and implement a system to streamline the daily process. BizNetz will provide all the tools and applications you need to combine a back-end system, social communications, visual UI, systems integration, and as many workflows as needed customized to optimize your on-site and virtual teams' effectiveness. Your life gets easy when you let experts focus on what they do best!

  • You continue to get work done while we build the system around you.
    You will only need to invest a few hours per week with you and your
    team members online. Our experience allows us to understand and
    document your process. Let us do the "heavy lifting."
  • We will prototype our solution first. You and your team will
    understand how your new system will look and works.
    You call the shots.
  • We will build a system that works the way you do. You will get to
    impact Functionality, User Experience (UX), and User Interface (UI).
    You get a customized system in the shortest possible time-frame,
    within your budget.
bizWorkFlow Customized automation

Note: There is no disk or box; this is shown for illustrative purposes. Your system and data are securely maintained in the cloud. You own everything at the end of the day!

Join Our Productive Happy Customers

Is our customized solution right for your team?

You have several options. Some "no-code" "do-it-yourself" tools are really good. The issue is, you have work to do, and it doesn't include building a new system. You can get help from your IT team. They are overworked and understaffed. They will do a good job, but it might take a while before they could get to you. Utilize an enterprise-wide solution. Your department, implementing a part of an enterprise solution is often like putting a square peg into a round hole. Wouldn't it be great if you had a solution that was designed around you and your team?

bizWorkFlow Workflow Automation

Empower your team to get more done!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction

How we create these amazing results:

We utilize an easily adaptable, secure, back-end system where you have complete control. We have reusable building blocks that we configure and do not need to code. We may need to integrate, use APIs, and write custom code to complete pieces of the system that are incredibly unique to your organization. We provide design, development, configuration, integration, implementation, training, and support. You get a system that is built for you that you can utilize every day. This system can easily be tweaked and changed as your needs change.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

BizNetz "Done for You" bizWorkFlow Solution has many benefits. We also build entirely custom software apps and tools. We would be delighted to build something from scratch for you. It is essential to understand the differences between a bizWorkFlow Customized and a Custom Software Solution. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a customized system designed around your requirements.


  • Lower Cost
  • Quicker Completion
  • Custom Features and Functionality provided through
    configurable bizGadgetz Building Blocks
  • Integrate with many existing systems
  • Lower-cost maintenance and support


  • Not quite as flexible as a completely custom solution.
  • Some desired unique functions and features may require
    higher-cost custom development.
  • Pre-design / Pre-Developed bizGadgetz Building Blocks work in a predetermined way.
  • You and some Team Members need to be involved
    in the process.

Here's "What You Get" in your customized solution:

  • Process Analysis and Documentation
  • System design, prototype, and development
  • Customized database and back-end system
  • Branding, Configuration, and Implementation
  • Training for each user role
  • Updates, Maintenance, and Support
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We pride ourselves on delivering systems on-time and within budget. We have experienced teams of experts who love what they do. No process is too complex. Let's plan a short conversation to discuss your workflow. We are the fastest path from inspiration to transformation. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a U.S. Corporation based in Greensboro, NC. You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If we can not design an automated system that saves time and increases your productivity, you pay nothing. If you don't like our plan, before development begins, you can walk away. No questions asked.

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